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Warranty & Surface Care

Product Warranty-Sometimes things can go wrong.Should this be the case with anything we have supplied to you we are here to help.Although we have to stipulate the terms below we will always try and sort a problem as effectively as we can.We Aim to please and will always try to provide our best customer care at all times.For Help Tel 01614839120

Stonewood Product warranty will vary depending on the product Type. The products fall into the following categories;

  • Wood, metal & marble bathroom furniture base structure’s – 5 year warranty.
  • Brassware – 10 year warranty.(excludes washers,wastes,airators and valve parts)
  • Lighting – 5 year warranty.
  • Ceramic – 2 year warranty.
  • Other branded components (Variable depending on manufacturers own warranty.)

The warranty shall apply to;

  • The structural integrity of our cabinets, marble or quartz tops, and their manufacture.
  • All hardware used, including hinges, drawer slides & door closers.
  • The warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the product and is non-transferable should the product be removed and re-fitted elsewhere.
  • Stonewood shall not be liable for the Goods’ failure to comply with the warranty because of;

    • The defect arises because you fail to follow Stonewood Employees oral or written instructions as to the storage, installation, commissioning or maintenance of the goods.
    • You alter or repair such goods without Stonewood written consent.
    • The defect arises as a result of fair wear and tear, unreasonable maintenance, a requirement to replace a standard maintenance part that is replaceable or exchangeable, willful damage, negligence, moisture or humidity outside the recommended Stonewood range, or other abnormal working conditions.
    • Paint colours are liable to change over time depending on various factors such as exposure to sunlight and moisture in the environment and reasonable aging should accepted.
    • If a product must be replaced and that product is no longer available, Stonewood reserves the right to use an alternative similar product.
    • The warranty does not apply to reasonable wear and tear to the marble surface, including what Stonewood deems as minor staining, surface etching or any discoloration or surface scratching / scuff marks, caused by general use/ wear and tear. It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain the regular sealing of the natural surfaces, both marble/stone and brass and a natural patina & authentic appearance should be accepted.
    • Any defects / faults should be reported in writing with clear images of the query for Stonewood to access.
    • Stonewood is not responsible for damage caused by improper cleaning products or methods, nor damage caused by the installation and assembly of our products. For further care and maintenance information, please refer to Stonewoods Maintenance & Care document.
    • We fix our under Mounted Ceramic basins free of charge to the marble or Quartz Top we do not offer any warranty or guarantee on the silicon or adhesive which should be replaced periodically and cleaned with appropriate cleaning products.It is recommended that inside edge should be final sealed with silicon by your chosen installer and replaced as required.Silicon can go Black in Colour this is due to Mould build up and can be removed with care products or re siliconing.
    • Stonewood will not be liable for re installation costs due to any product failing under our warranty.
    • Surface Care

      Care & protection for your work surface will depend on the type of material you have chosen.
      natural soap cleaner can be used on all surfaces for general weekly cleaning of your surface.
      This should be sprayed on and wiped with a clean cloth, removing any residue and leaving a clean surface.

      To keep the surface fully sealed, we recommend applying a coat of sealer annually.
      The following procedures should be followed;

      For Marble & Natural stone tops;

      • Thoroughly clean the surface allowing it to dry before applying a coat of sealer by pouring it directly onto the surface, spreading it evenly over the marble / natural stone using a clean white cloth.
      • The sealer should be allowed to penetrate the marble for approximately 5 minutes before wiping any excess sealer off the top.
      • The Marble / natural stone surface should not be exposed or splashed with water for a further 12 hours to allow the sealer to fully dry.

      For Quartz & Artificial stone tops;

      • All surfaces of this type, can be cleaned using  natural soap cleaner
      • These surfaces do not require sealing annually since they are a non-porous material.

      Important; Avoid using any abrasive or acidic cleaners, as these will dull the surface.

      Unit Care

      For Oak & Painted cabinetry;

      • For all base units and cabinetry in both oak & painted we recommend occasional cleaning when necessary with a soft damp cloth and some mild soap if required.

      Important; Avoid using any strong chemicals which may dull the surface over time.

Terms and conditions are available on request